Jack Buckby Releases Harrowing New Batley and Spen Campaign Video


If you don’t know already, I’m standing for election. The Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen – the Labour Party’s Jo Cox – was tragically murdered just a few months ago in the street while out campaigning against Brexit. I feel deeply sorry for the poor children who now will grow up without a mother, but I won’t be fooled into thinking the woman was a saint. The media and the politicians have created a new narrative about Saint Jo, and even discussed erecting a statue of her.

I am therefore considered evil by the media for challenging the seat, instead of simply letting the Labour Party appoint a new Member of Parliament – which the main parties have all agreed to.

I take issue with this because Jo Cox has stood by and said nothing about thousands of young girls being raped by Muslim gangs across Yorkshire. Her husband also ironically worked for Save the Children (before having to leave because of his sexually inappropriate behaviour), and yet said nothing about the tragic rape cases across his wife’s constituency.

I am the only candidate in the upcoming election to replace Jo Cox that is proposing a full inquiry and investigation into the rape of young children across West Yorkshire. I am also the only candidate willing to talk about the evils of Islam.


The media went crazy when I announced my candidacy.

You can see my brand new campaign ad below.

If you support my cause, I would greatly appreciate your help. Please donate to my campaign over, and retweet my video with the hashtag #BatleyandSpen.