The Time I Triggered a BBC Documentary Maker


On the 5th October 2015, a documentary entitled Is Britain Racist? aired on BBC Three

I featured on the documentary, which was initially proposed to me as a film “exploring British culture”. Of course, it was nothing of the sort.

Before getting into this, I must note that I got on very well with the producer. He was polite and friendly, as were the cameramen. I take no issue with the questions that they asked me, and I take practically no issue with the way they edited the film.

The documentary was presented by Mona Chalabi. Mona is a professional data journalist. I had no idea who she was until after I filmed the last part of the documentary footage with her. In fact, she wasn’t present in any of the documentary filming I did until the very last minute.

After filming, I found that she has previously worked at the Bank of England, and almost certainly wrote her own Wikipedia page. She seemed pleasant enough in person, though of course, the documentary footage confirms her status as a perpetual victim of everything.

Mona actually hit headlines more recently when she, in a video for The Guardian, claimed that using proper grammar is essentially racist. I responded with a video of my own.

When I first met Mona, I shook her hand. She winced in pain and complained that it hurt, in what I suspect was probably a subtle attempt to make me look ‘rough around the edges’ on camera. I joked with her that I’m used to shaking the hands of old white men – a self-deprecating joke.

She later took to Twitter to say this:


I guess that teaches me for being nice to an SJW.

Mona and the BBC team took me to Newham for the final part of filming. This is one of the most ethnically ‘diverse’ districts in the whole of England, according to 2010 figures. It is also the second most deprived area in England. I suspect these two things are linked, given that the Labour Party began a project of importing masses of unskilled workers from 1997 who settled in our cities and in areas like Newham. I guess that suspicion makes me a racist for noticing.

The place was filthy. I mean seriously nasty. Amidst a mass of halal chicken shops and newsagents advertising international SIM cards was Queen’s Market – a communist-style architectural mess filled with market stalls selling burkas, goats’ heads and knock-off clothes. Mona said she had grown up in the area, and told me she had been to the market many times before. As we walked around the market, with the BBC camera filming, she commented:

“All markets are filthy, aren’t they?”

She seemed genuinely surprised when I told her that traditional market towns, with their outdoor markets selling local produce, are significantly cleaner than this indoor pit in Upton Park.


English markets are delightful. This market in Upton Park just wasn’t English.

During the market footage of the documentary, there was a scene where I became particularly angry. This is the only slight qualm I have with the film’s editing. It seems as if I get angry for no reason, when in reality I had just finished schooling Mona on the quite serious problem of Islamic grooming gangs here in the UK. I informed her that her prophet Mohammed married a six-year-old child. She told me that, during Mohammed’s time, it was common to marry young girls to save them from bad parents or family. I guess that explains why Mohammed so graciously waited until she was nine to penetrate her.

The footage of me was used only at the end of the documentary. Mona took it as an opportunity to wrap up and claim that I did not “accept her Western culture”. This is a falsehood. You can hear me in the documentary mumble “good” when she talks about her Western values. I even tell her that she is, largely, assimilated into the British way of life.

So where does she get this claim that I don’t “accept her Western culture”?

Well, it likely comes from me telling her that she is not an indigenous British person. Mona found it astonishing that Western European people are white, and did not quite seem to understand that she was as ethnically European as I am ethnically African. Europeans are white, Africans are black. New Zealand Maoris are indigenous to New Zealand, and white British folk of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon ancestry are indigenous to – you guessed it – Britain. This is not a radical thought, nor is it an opinion. It is simply a historical and scientific fact.

After the last Ice Age, which saw the British Isles begin to separate from the European mainland, Britain became occupied by white Europeans. Today, most white British people can trace their ancestry back to these people, with ancestry that also includes Roman and Huguenot blood. We are a mixture of European (primarily Germanic) peoples who settled here and became who and what we are today. We have an identity, and that is a fact. That is not to say native Africans, New Zealanders or Americans are less important or inferior to us. No, this is simply accepting a scientific, historical fact.

But that’s racist.


Gettin’ ready for a rough handshake.

The rest of the documentary included a series of social experiments. Mona was setting out to find out if Britain is racist, and she did this by finding a Muslim girl, a black man and a Jewish man, and have each of them walk through a shop exit with a device that set off the alarms. She counted how many times each person got stopped by a security guard.

Each person acted entirely differently as they walked through the alarms. Looking confident usually helps, does it not? Each person also had a different sized bag, and the tests appeared to have been done in different shops or with different security guards. And, in some cases, a security guard is not visibly present. This simply was not a scientific test.

Another experiment included each person handing out free doughnuts in the street, and seeing how long it took them to hand out every doughnut. Each participant was situated in a different place, no doubt at different times of the day. It also did not take into account a person’s innate ability to sell something. I’m terrible at handing out free leaflets during a political campaign, for instance. My colleague Dr George Whale is a machine.

Again, this is an unscientific and rubbish test. As a data journalist, Mona Chalabi should be ashamed for putting this on national television.

Each person also wore a hidden camera and walked through unfamiliar towns to see how much racism they could find. The Muslim girl had to put on a full burka and walk around town for hours to finally get some abuse, after having no luck without it. The black man was fine, but complained that people “looked at him funny” when he went into a local pub. For American readers – go into any small pub that you have never been to before, and the locals will give you a look up and down regardless of your race.

The Jewish man? He got abused numerous times by Muslim men. Telling, isn’t it?


Mona loved me really.

Mona also explored racial preferences, having people engage in a test that examined their natural and immediate thoughts about people of different races. She found that most white people had a natural preference for other white people, much to the disgust of brainwashed London lefties who thought they had beaten nature and become the perfect politically correct Dalek.
One London hipster managed to beat the test and looked pretty chuffed about it – but Mona? Well, the poor lass turned out to have an inbuilt bias against black people. She almost broke down crying on national television. She then blamed it on society of course.

I implore you to watch the full documentary (below), if only to see how wonderfully upset Mona gets when she realises she’s racist.

Black crime rates are a serious problem – and black on black crime is catastrophics. There is clearly a cultural issue in the UK and USA, not necessarily to do with race, which results in people having some kind of immediate negative feeling towards black people. It’s not a purposeful hatred, but it’s bound to show up on these preference tests and scientific examinations that are used in the show. The world isn’t perfect, and not every race is the same.

No race is perfect, and no person is perfect. Bias or preferences are natural.

To cure her racism, Mona underwent a test that involved her imagining she was a black woman. In a matter of moments, she was miraculously cured! She praised the tests and ended on a high note, explaining:

… for the moment, this is only being done in the lab. It’s not being used in the real world.

This made my jaw drop, but I don’t know why I was surprised. Our worst fears are coming true – there are ways of ‘treating’ our racism and political incorrectness. How long will it be before these kinds of tests are performed on unwilling participants who dare to show a natural characteristic? And how long will it be before we are shoved through an MRI scanner to prove our racism, with the results being used as evidence in court?
This horrible show clarified that Asian people prefer to date Asian people, black people prefer to date black people, and white people prefer to date white people.

The film also didn’t have a single white person do any of the same tests the black man, Muslim girl and Jewish man did. They would have achieved far better results by sending a white, young woman in a short skirt through Bury Park in Luton. I doubt she would have come back in one piece.


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