Help Me Fight: ANTIFA Submit Fake ‘Terror’ Tip to FBI


Recently, ANTIFA have been engaging in a concerted effort to ruin my life. Not only does my political work make it difficult to find employment in the UK, ANTIFA have gotten my fiance fired from her work in New York, and now they have submitted a fake tip to the FBI that I am a ‘terrorist’ and my engagement is a ‘sham’ in order to obtain a Green Card. Since then, I have been denied entry to the United States, to see my fiance, under the Visa Waiver Program.

I wrote about my story in detail over at, and was recently interviewed on The Blaze.

I have been encouraged to make this story public, so that friends and supporters can assisted me in raising the funds I need to hire an immigration lawyer, and pay for the necessary Visa fees.

If you would like to assist me, I would greatly appreciate your support.

You can donate directly to PayPal here:

You can also donate using the WeSearchr bounty, which is a public fundraising and investigative journalism platform:


  • Jack Buckby

    GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!!!!!!! (PS im short)

  • Hamato Yoshi

    It’s a nice day for a swim, chap!!! And the shit is free!!! Just watch out for sharks… but you shouldn’t worry, sharks don’t eat shit.

  • Lex.Butler

    Nobody cares. Change your name, get a life, settle down and do something positive with your life. Hate is strangling your soul.