Jack Buckby: My Full Response to ITV & Hardcash Fake News



In response to the ITV documentary aired on Thursday 9th November 2017, I am providing the full email chain between me and David Henshaw of Hardcash productions. You can download the original email sent to me by David Henshaw here.


My full response to David Henshaw:

Mr Henshaw,

I write in response to your email of 26th October.

I’d like to start my response by outlining what I don’t expect your documentary to explain or air. In your letter to me dated 26th October, you told me that I will be accused of being a “far right extremist”. What I don’t believe your documentary will do is provide a fair assessment of my politics and my beliefs. On many occasions I spoke to your undercover reporter about my views, and advised her to avoid Neo Nazis, race haters and national socialists. I made it abundantly clear to her how dangerous these people are. I told Hazel in confidence that I had been targeted by real far right extremists for being a “Jewish shill”, and that I had met with police because of serious threats made against me by the people you claim I support. I am a conservative and a culturist. I believe in Western culture, and I believe in traditional British values. I abhor the far right.

I also do not expect your documentary to explain why I left the British National Party. As I explained to your undercover reporter, I left the party as a result of anti-Semitic abuse (I have a Jewish family member which led some activists to threaten me quite regularly), and because of fundamental disagreements with party leadership. Like 943,598 others in 2009, I supported the BNP because no other party was willing to engage with the working class about the issue of immigration and Islam. And that in itself should show just how much the politics of the left has left the working class feeling abandoned. There are not 943,598 Nazis in Britain. To suggest my involvement with this party makes me anything of the sort is to demonise almost 1 million working class people in this country, and I find that abhorrent. It is representative of the way metropolitan elites treat working class people in all areas of life.

If your documentary is to be fair, I would expect it to include the footage of Hazel meeting my friends – a group of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. During her time spent with me and others, she met black people, Asian people, gay people, and a number of immigrants who all share similar concerns about mass immigration. She met a Muslim who supported our cause, and ex-Muslims who have been victims of Sharia.  She was welcomed with open arms by a diverse group of people who treated her kindly. The fact that your undercover reporter met a crowd of people in this movement who do not fit Hope Not Hate’s definition – “far right extremists” or “Nazis” – should be grounds for cancellation of the entire film. The fundamental hypothesis that the support base of Anne Marie Waters and the wider counter-Jihad movement is “racist” has been proven wrong by your own footage.

You also claim in your letter that I work for the “Alt Right” Rebel Media. This is a lie. I work for Rebel Media – a company which is run by a Jewish man (Ezra Levant) and which has (on multiple occasions) rejected the principles of the Alt Right. I trust you will be amending this error, after watching Ezra Levant’s video on the Alt Right. (

In response to your other accusations:

  • Yes, I was involved in Anne Marie’s campaign.
  • Yes, UKIP changed the cut-off date for new members being allowed to vote in the leadership election.
  • I do know a man called Jordan Diamond. I have been made aware of his comments that will be aired in this documentary and I’m surprised and saddened. I would never condone what he said. It was appalling.
  • Yes, I work with Tommy Robinson. No, he is not a far right extremist. He’s a working class man from Luton with concerns about Islam.
  • Yes, I attended the Traditional Britain Group Conference. You mentioned Mark Collett in your letter – I despise the man and have nothing to do with him. The conference is attended by a broad church of people, and I find it interesting listening to speeches made by people I don’t agree with, and people I do agree with. Unlike most on the left, I’m willing to listen to things that might make me uncomfortable and which I don’t agree with.
  • No, I do not demonise a whole community. I talk about Islam, I do not talk about all Muslims. There is no instance in my entire life when I have blamed anything on “all Muslims”. To suggest otherwise would be a baseless lie. I challenge you to provide evidence that I have either demonised all Muslims, or blamed all Muslims. I have only ever spoken about Islam. This is comparable to the way the left attacks capitalism – they are not attacking people who buy iPhones or drink coffee at Starbucks. Capitalism is not the same as consumers. Islam is not the same as Muslims.

I note that, as a result of you not being able to film me saying anything “extreme” or “racist”, you have turned to a years-old Tweet in an attempt to smear me. One Tweet, as you mention, was a retweet of a poster that mentioned statistics relating to AIDs. I had no idea who National Alliance was, I merely shared statistics that made the left feel uncomfortable. I was a young guy at university laughing at the outrage by the left. I will not apologise to you or to the far left, authoritarian extremists who demand uncomfortable statistics and facts be ignored. It was a rude and insensitive Tweet I accept, but I will not apologise for hurting feelings.

You mention another Tweet I wrote after the Dutch election earlier this year. You noted that I deleted the Tweet, and for good reason – it wasn’t clear. I later clarified the Tweet. It remains a sad fact that more Islamic terrorism would open the eyes of many Dutch voters who do not understand the threat – but as you very well know, I have never condoned violent activity, and my entire political career has been dedicated to exposing the terrorist threat we face. I have sacrificed personal relationships, a normal career, and my own safety to talk about the threat of terrorism. Any attempt to suggest otherwise will result in legal action.

Let me finish by telling you who I am.

I am a young, working-class man from Lancashire. I was driven out of university for not having the same opinions as everybody else. I live in secrecy because of threats made against me and my family by far-left activists who support organisations like Hope Not Hate. I have been unable to hold down a normal career for many years, because of the Left hounding and threatening employers. I have been attacked by far left, authoritarian thugs while out relaxing with friends…numerous times. I am a classical liberal, a conservative in many respects, and a patriot. I care about the rights of women and children. I am someone with friends, who I truly love, from many different backgrounds. I’m a lover of international culture. I believe in small government and the rule of law. I also believe in freedom of speech, decency, Western morality, and charity. I believe in the values that made Britain great, and I fundamentally reject the people and ideas your undercover reporter has attempted to tarnish me with.


Jack Buckby


David Henshaw replies:

4  November  2017
Dear  Mr  Buckby
Thank  you  for  your  email  of  2  November.  We  will  fairly  reflect  your  response  in  the   programme. We  notice  that  on  the  same  day  you  and  Tommy  Robinson  discussed  the  Exposure   programme  in  a  video  published  on  The  Rebel  website   ( coming_far_right_expose).

As  part  of  this  discussion,  the  following  exchange  took   place  about  our  undercover  reporter  Hazel:

Mr  Robinson:  I’m  going  to  troll  watch  this  bitch
You:  yeah  we  need  to  find  her

We  will  include  this  exchange  in  the  programme.  The  programme  will  also  report   that  in  the  past  Mr Robinson  has  door-­‐stepped  a  journalist  at  their  home  at  night   and  posted  the  video  online.

It  will  also  report  that  all  of  our  undercover  reporters   have  received  abuse  online,  and  suggest  that  your exchange  with  Mr  Robinson  was   disturbing  and  may  have  compromised  the  safety  of  Hazel.

Should  you  wish  to  provide  a  further  comment  please  respond  by  6pm  on  Monday  6   November.

Yours  sincerely,

David  Henshaw


My response:

Mr Henshaw,

The following is my response to your letter of 4th November.

So this “Hazel” girl goes undercover, tries to ruin the lives of innocent, decent people, and you’re complaining that she might get “abuse” online?

We intend to find her and ask her why, after meeting a diverse crowd of people who abhor racism, she went ahead and worked with a production company that intends to portray us as “racists” and “extremists”.

Does your line of work – professionally lying to hundreds of thousands of viewers – leave you fulfilled? If it does, that says a lot about your character. If it doesn’t, and you continue anyway…well, I think that says even more about your character.

Jack Buckby

  • Julie Lake

    There is one outstanding fact, that all must consider. My stooge, went by the name Mary and she arrived alone at the meeting in Preston. Ask yourselves, if the so called British Far Right, are dangerous extremists, and violent, why would anyone send a young woman, alone, into a meeting with some of the countries renowned Nazi’s, as Henshaw calls them, to secretly record, alone ? Also to get into a car with 4 of these so called dangerous people, alone? As if it were me, i wouldn’t. The only reason she went to the meeting and got into a car alone with them, was because, she must have felt totally, safe doing so. I bet also, that when their ‘Mary’ attended the National Front march in Grantham and the UAF broke through the police cordon, they don’t mention the fact, that it was the NF security that saved her from being attacked.

  • Jeff Covfefe

    Well said Jack.