Last-Minute $221M Palestine Gift Was One of Series of Transactions


Before leaving the White House 5 days ago, former President Barack Obama gifted $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. The former President’s actions appear to have backfired, however, as the Trump administration has since revealed the transaction to the public and frozen it before it can reach a Palestinian bank account.

But it wasn’t the first transaction to the terrorist authority.

On Tuesday, the State Department revealed that it was ‘reviewing’ the last-minute transaction from Barack Obama’s then-secretary of state John Kerry. In the statement, the State Department also revealed that it:

‘Might make adjustments to ensure it comports with the Trump administration’s priorities.’

Unlike some reports have suggested, the donation was not as last minute as it seemed. The transaction has been discussed for some time, with the Obama administration pushing for the release of the funds from USAID (the USA’s Agency for International Development). The financial gift was said to be used for ‘humanitarian aid’ in the West Bank and Gaza, with a view to supporting firearms and security reforms, and help prepare the state for better governance.

This isn’t the first time large sums of money have been sent to the Palestinian Authority, either. $355,177,827 of the American taxpayer’s money was sent to Palestine in 2016, according to a Times of Israel report.