Nigel Farage Attacks PEGIDA, Claims It’s Anti-Democratic


During his ‘Phone Farage’ segment on LBC Radio with Nick Ferrari, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was today asked about the February 6th Pan-European PEGIDA silent march.

Farage said on the show that we let people march for left wing causes and that of course PEGIDA UK should be allowed to protest – but when confronted about the fact that UKIP members will be attending the march, Farage suggested that those people perhaps found UKIP ‘too democratic and too liberal’. Perhaps he conveniently forgot that PEGIDA UK’s deputy leader, Anne Marie Waters, is still a member of the party.
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The UKIP leader also predicted that PEGIDA UK won’t go very far because ‘those that are running it probably have pretty dodgy associations and unpleasant pasts’. Referring no doubt to Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston, Mr Farage continues to attack decent, patriotic people concerned about radical Islam, while continuing to support the building of more mosques and refusing to tackle the problem of third world immigration and the growing power that Islam has over our liberal democracy and Western civilisation.

At this point, it should be entirely clear to UKIP members that the party is not a solution to our problems, and that the UKIP should be boycotted. In order to solve our problems, UKIP needs to do more than just tackle the European Union. It must also stop attacking working class people for being concerned about the destruction of their communities and freedoms, and even banning people from joining their party.

The behaviour of Farage and UKIP perpetuates the idea that radical Islam and multiculturalism are not causing problems (which could ultimately trigger civil unrest), and that people who voice their concerns are ‘anti-democratic’ and ‘dodgy’.

Just who the hell do you think you are, Mr Farage?

Watch Paul Weston (leader of PEGIDA UK and the political party Liberty GB) discuss why it’s so important to come to PEGIDA UK on 6th February.

Jack Buckby,

Press Officer,

PEGIDA UK & Liberty GB

  • Richard Rimmer

    Yes I used to like Nigel Farage, listened to him this morning, can’t of hard to tell what direction he’s going in now, someone said a while back he’s the poor mans Donald Trump, kind of a agree now, certainly lost his backbone

    • Jack Buckby

      Did he ever have one?

      • LindaRivera

        UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, is a Traitor to Britain and the entire Free World. He NEVER had a backbone.

        • Barry Butler

          Why ? How?

        • Jeff Thompson

          Wow. You have a lot of comments under your belt. Paid full time Troll? Who pays you?

          • LindaRivera

            You assassinate my character and call me a paid full time troll because I love Britain, love my people and my culture, am patriotic, against Islamisation, against Muslim conquest, against barbaric sharia, against barbaric halal and DON’T want one more British child raped, gang raped, tortured and forced into prostitution and sex slavery by dirty demonic, inhuman Muslim monsters – the Spawn of Satan.
            Winston Churchill: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

        • LindaRivera

          I take that statement back. It was very wrong for me to say that. Please forgive me, Mr. Farage. I’m very sorry. It was disgraceful, shameful and also very stupid that I made that statement 5 months ago. I prayed to God asking for forgiveness. I was very upset because Farage/UKIP barred from membership in UKIP, patriotic native Brits who had belonged to patriotic parties/organisations. At the same time, UKIP had Muslims run for MPs etc. Muslim loyalty is not to the country they reside in. It is to global Islam and world Islamic conquest and the enslavement of hated non-Muslims under barbaric sharia.

  • Barry Butler

    Long been a supporter of Farage and find his direct speaking and especially his deliveries in Brussels most encouraging. I think, Jack, that he is actually walking a fine line balancing the need to deal with the EU question firstly and when, hopefully, the Referendum delivers a Brexit he would reveal MUCH more support for Paul Weston etc. truly, I believe this. You would perhaps agree that trying to fight on two massive fronts …Islam and the EU would likely see defeat occur for us on both. I am sure he has much more empathy for Liberty GB and Pegida than you credit him for.

    • LindaRivera

      Farage could have remained SILENT about PEGIDA. Instead, traitor Farage CHOSE to attack PEGIDA UK and slander PEGIDA’s leaders. A Despicable and Vile Character Assassination. PEGIDA means a very great deal to native Brits and ALL native Europeans. We know the future horrors that await us if we lose.

      • Barry Butler

        Hey………..I agree on the main points, Linda..sure we face a huge problem from Islam; but the real traitors are Cameron and the others in this government and in opposition.

        • Jack Buckby

          It is evident that Farage is just as bad.

          • Jeff Thompson

            “Just as bad”? Really? What a pathetic comment.

          • musosnoop

            How on earth is a march anti democratic.
            Farage just reduced his standing with me massively. If he is a slave to political correctness then he is no leader for Britain.

      • musosnoop

        But he got the Brexit vote. Whats wrong with that..
        I’m really interested. Im an American and I simply don’t understand all you various UK right wing groups. NONE of you sing from the same hymn book as far as I can tell. Why is that?

        • LindaRivera

          I can’t really answer your question. However, I am very glad and appreciate very, very much all the work Nigel Farage and UKIP have done. God bless them for their dedication. The European Union is SATANIC and EVIL. Thank God that Britain voted OUT of the EU. Why should Britain be cursed with the EVIL of the Rabid Jew-hate of the Satanic EU? They’ll burn in Hell.

 As a shocked world reacted to England’s unexpected exit from the European Union, Palestinian President Abbas delivered a speech to the European Parliament. Abbas, now in the 11th year of his four-year term, accused Israel of becoming a fascist country. Then he updated a vicious medieval anti-Semitic canard by charging that (non-existent) rabbis are urging Jews to poison the Palestinian water supply. The response by representatives of the 28 European nations whose own histories are littered with the terrible consequences of such anti-Semitic blood libels? A thunderous 30-second standing ovation…

    • Jack Buckby

      No, I do not agree with that. Farage is damaging the counter Jihad cause by normalising the idea that it is wrong to talk about the problem.

      We must tackle the EU and Islamisation head on. We might win the EU, but what then? Nothing will change unless we have a substantial political footing that is willing to take on the established left and communists that are already IN the UK and controlling our institutions.

      • Barry Butler

        My point is that I believe Farage has had to hold back on the Islam question but even then it was but a week or so ago that he stated we have many people living with us who hate our way of life etc. He is on to it but he would never have managed to get Ukip where it is (still struggling to some extent) IF he had gone for Islam as well as the EU at the same time. As it was he has largely come through the constant media attacks of “racist”, loony, xenophobe etc just on his anti EU stance. He knows the real danger is from Islam too; one thing at a time; you might feel he has it the wrong way round getting a chance to exit the EU means we can adopt our own ways of dealing with the BIG problem – a coming together of the pan-Europe Peoples movement against Islam……….Right with Paul and the othes on that, Jack.

        • musosnoop

          Jack doesn’t want that though – he would rather the UK were invaded by 10 million more Muslims so he could say “see, I told you’. Busby knows damn well in the UK, and because of its political climate – and lack of first amendment rights Farage had to tread every step with care.

          I detect a string whiff of envy from this very small party that would effectively take 20 years to get anywhere. What would be left of Britain by that time.

      • Barry Butler

        It will surely take a committed and full-on Nationalist solution – and we know that the hybrid interests of the globalists and ol time socialist internationalists will do all they can to stop any emergent Nationalist cause hence the unbridled attacks of what were once bastions of true conservative media. But you know I am sure that the EU and other supra-states are but a staging post to what the UN coyly calls “global governance – code for world government. Its a huge fight to come.

        What I need to add is that while in the EU we have NO chance whatever of dealing with Islam. None.

    • Nibs

      Farage has made it clear that once we are out of the EU his job is done, he’s said plainly that he does not want to be PM. So after a Brexit what he says will be irrelevant.

  • Malcolm Jackson

    If you want a Moslem UK then UKIP is the party for you. Vote UKIP and get Islam.

  • Donald Lunn

    Just hold on everyone.Barry is correct in my opinion.Farage has to take one thing at a time.But I agree that he didn’t need to attack The UK Pegida movement.But here is the thing,and it’s my main point.It’s no good having a “go” at each other.Yes there will be differing viewpoints.But to be strong,we need to all be reading from the same page.There are literally thousands upon thousands upon thousands of comments on social media commenting on,islamisation,migration,etc.Imagine if there was one main voice uniting them and getting out there to protest on the streets.Non violently!! But just being there.That,is what is needed.Not us like minded people arguing amongst ourselves.

  • Phillip Aspinall

    Farage is playing the political game, if he comes out directly against Islam, or nails his colours to the anti Islam mast, like Liberty GB and PEGIDA do it just will not work on the current political climate. In any war we have to pick our battles, our first battle is to get out of the EU, after that UKIP will be largely irrelevant whatever happens. If he distances himself from PEGIDA after the referendum I’ll have little respect for him. Don’t forget it was UKIP largely that got us this referendum, and if they’d been campaigning on an anti Islam ticket I just don’t think it would have happened.

  • mr humphreys

    I didn’t know Farage was so anti Pegida. What a pity. He is such a brilliant speaker in an unmannered, blokey sort of way. Let’s hope he comes onside as Barry predicts after the EU divorce. Unlike you lot I am only 1 day ago.

  • Cobbett

    A caller phoned in to UK independence party leader, Nigel Farage’s radio show, and asked him what he thought about White genocide.

    He said he was “generally quite an admirer” of Farage, and asked him how “EU membership [effects] the UK European rape invasion by Blacks and Muslims?”

    “White demographics and White genocide. How important do you see the issue of White genocide?”

    Farage said he was “a little confused by all this” and “I don’t actually think there is anything about this referendum debate that ought to touch on race at all,”

    “I will say this to you that I do think that we have seen… what
    we saw on New Year’s Eve… quite a big increase in a variety of forms of
    sexual violence.”

    “But I think it’s a big mistake to tie that into a black/white argument.”

    “But I do think that if we are irresponsible and if we allow huge
    numbers of young males, particularly to come from countries which have
    different attitudes to women then we are giving ourselves a social
    problem and we do need to think about it.”

    Farage is a typical politician. He’s not interested in any of the serious issues facing the West, such as demographic replacement…he’s a waste of space.