26th April 2016

20 years ago, Trevor Phillips, then the chair of think tank Runnymede, commissioned a report that first popularised the term ‘Islamophobia’ in Britain. For many years, Phillips would also chair the Equality and Human Rights Commission, regularly battling ‘far right’ groups that campaigned against the radical behaviour of Muslims in Britain. He’s even been reported to have proudly displayed a bust of Lenin on his desk for many years.

Fast forward to April 2016, and Phillips is presenting the findings of an extensive ICM poll that shows just how British Muslims really feel about Britain and modern life. In a documentary entitled ‘What British Muslims Really Think’, Phillips admitted that he had been wrong about Muslim immigration. He said:

“It’s clear that I and many others in the policy making field just got the aspirations of British Muslims wrong…our survey suggests that significant numbers of British Muslims don’t want to change and don’t want to move to adopt the behaviours of the majority”

Let’s get the scary statistics out of the way. They’re shocking, but not surprising – and, they certainly aren’t the only concerning thing about the situation Britain finds itself in.

  • 52% British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal
  • 35% believe Jewish people have too much power in Britain
  • 39% believe women should always obey their husbands
  • 18% support violence against those who mock their prophet
  • Just 2 in 3 Muslims condemn the use of stoning as punishment

Solutions and Demographic Engineering

A chilling moment towards the end of the documentary saw Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a liberal Muslim and columnist for The Independent, explain that people like her are a dying breed. She says that in 10 years, very few liberal Muslims will be left – and it seems that’s the case. Radical sentiment has gotten increasingly worse as the Muslim population has doubled over the last decade.

Phillips’ key to solving this national problem is through the schools, and implementing a ‘comply or explain’ method of ensuring that schools are prohibited from admitting more than 50% of any single ethnic group, in an effort to merge communities and foster better relations.

This ‘comply or explain’ principle, which is regularly used in the financial industry, would see schools being set a target mix of 50% Muslim and non-Muslim students. Failure to comply would require schools to explain why they have breached their 50% enrolment ceiling. Should a body repeatedly break that ceiling, local government will be given total power over catchment areas for pupils, thus ensuring the legally required ethnic symmetry.

And, it won’t stop at schools. Prime Minister David Cameron said in 2015 that in order to address ‘Islamic extremism’, housing estates and communities must become ‘more ethnically mixed’.

We know the statistics outlined in this ICM poll are terrifying, but what is far more harrowing is that Phillips, along with our Prime Minister, government, Labour Party Shadow Cabinet and institutional governing bodies appear to be in favour of deploying social and demographic engineering tactics. This is not just a hypothetical situation, either. The project has already begun with schools in Oldham, a heavily ‘enriched’ town that has seen its fair share ofMuslim groomingand race riots.

Forcing Communities Together Exacerbates Conflict

Phillips has admitted that there is a ‘clear cultural gap between a significant section of Britain’s Muslims and the wider population’, and here lies the problem.

Muslim communities are not separated as a result of government intervention or policy. Muslims and non-Muslims do not live in separate communities as a result of state-sponsored racism. These communities move apart as a result of social, economic, and cultural factors. An Equalities Commission report entitled ‘How Fair is Britain’ showed that 53% of Muslim men and 76% of Muslim women are unemployed, which of course means that these communities will overwhelmingly live in council estates and poorer towns. The ICM report also showed that 45% of Muslims would rather send their child to a school with strong Muslim values, and 23% support Sharia zones in Britain.

Combine these feelings with Muslims’ evident need and desire to live near local mosques, halal butchers and shops and it is quite clear why they live so far away from white families with their 1.8 children, and Ford Mondeos on the driveway.

Phillips said that one of the most significant findings of the ICM survey is that the more people hanker for a separate life under Sharia, the more sympathetic they are to violence –  but, he still went on to suggest that these extremist communities should be forced to mix with civilised non-Muslim communities.

It is, therefore, entirely clear that Trevor Phillips and Prime Minister David Cameron agree that demographic engineering is the only way to iron out the kinks of multiculturalism – you know, all that pesky terrorism and mass rape.

The most moderate and optimistic prediction I can make is that this will cause further civil unrest as the civilised are forced to ‘integrate’ with those who want to behead, rape and enslave them. The most pessimistic prediction I can make is that the Britain is finished.

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