London’s New Muslim Mayor Confirms Urban Britain’s Cultural Transformation

9th May 2016

London just elected a Muslim mayor. Sadiq Khan, formerly the Member of Parliament for Tooting, now represents almost 9 million people in London, a city that has been utterly transformed as a result of decades of mass immigration, failed policies of state-sponsored multiculturalism and, more recently, social engineering.

The election of Mr Khan marks the completion of the transformation of our capital city and urban Britain as a whole. The new London Mayor, who won today by double-digit percentage points, hit headlines recently after it was exposed he had shared a platform with five Islamic extremists. At a 2004 event in the Tooting Islamic Centre, Khan shared a stage with a Hamas supporter, and a preacher by the name of Suliman Gani who openly supported an Islamic state.

The event cannot be brushed off as a mistake, either. Khan has shared a platform with Gani nine times, a revelation that prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to question his judgement during Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons. And, the response from the Labour Party makes it abundantly clear that the transformation of Britain is practically complete. Labour MPs shouted ‘racist’ at the Prime Minister in a typical show of comradeship between our political elite and Muslims who believe in, or associate with people who believe in, the eradication of British liberal democracy.

Sadiq Khan’s election is disturbing and saddening, but it is not surprising. 40% of England’s Muslims live in London, making up 12.4% of the population. In some areas, such as the corruption-riddled Tower Hamlets borough, Muslims make up more than 30% of the population. 55% of London’s population is not native British, making this city of immigrants and children of immigrants the perfect target constituency for the Labour Party. Boris Johnson has arguably only managed to win two mayoral elections – by small margins – as a result of his wacky personality.

Not only are more immigrants moving to London and being given council houses, native white British people are leaving in droves. Census figures showed that between 2001 and 2011, 620,000 of them left London as the city became more multicultural, aiding the astounding demographic shift that has come to define modern London as an international city.

Assuming that at least another 620,000 white British Londoners leave the city between 2011 and 2021, it is possible that the native British population of London will slip under 3 million. In 2011 it was 3,690,000. Assuming also that London’s population reaches the expected 9.3 million figure, the native population of London could drop to around 30%. This is the nature of modern British cities.

Urban Britain is rapidly changing, not just becoming more multicultural, but increasingly Islamic – and London isn’t even the worst example. The Muslim community makes up 26.9% of Birmingham, 28.4% of Blackburn, 24.6% of Luton and 15.8% of Manchester.

With this increasingly populous Muslim community comes a growing quantity of mosques throughout our cities, too. London is now home to at least 422 mosques, which is technically less than half of all churches in London. Looking at the data in more detail, however, shows that there are just 443 Church of England churches in the capital city – and that includes buildings that are no longer even in use. The 1,000+ remaining churches in London are split between Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Unitarian, Methodist, Baptist and Evangelical denominations, amongst others.

If one were to bundle the amount of Islamic Community Centres, illegal mosques and legal mosques, however, the statistics change once again. Given that many so-called Islamic Community Centres are actually operating as places of worship, it is certainly true that there are now more mosques in Britain’s capital city than Churches for the English state religion.

This is alarming even without considering the establishment of over 85 Sharia courts that have created a parallel system of justice.

It is now perfectly clear to me that London is a lost city. With over 40% of the Muslim population living in the capital city, their overall population doubling every ten years, and the native population of London rapidly decreasing, it could be just a matter of years before London is transformed beyond all recognition. The same will continue to happen to the rest of our cities.

It will also happen to America.

In fact, this is already beginning to happen to America. Hamtramk, Michigan became the first Muslim-majority city in 2013, and elected the first Muslim-majority council in 2015. New Jersey is also home to two or three times as many Muslims as the national average, according to Pew Research.

As this trend continues, America will begin to experience similar tragedies as the 1,400 young girls who were raped by Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham, England between 1997 and 2013. A report found that police ripped up documents relating to the ongoing problem and that the local authorities covered up the issue for fear of being called racist.

For now, we mourn the loss of our almost 2,000-year-old city, and for most of the rest of urban Britain. We don’t have to mourn of the loss of America, though. The very fact that the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is calling for a moratorium on all Muslim immigration, that Senator Ted Cruz suggested the monitoring of Muslim neighbourhoods and that Dr Ben Carson openly discussed the problems relating to Sharia law shows that you have a real chance to stop this happening to you.

Grab that chance.

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