I’m Back In America After Five Years

After Antifa submitted a fake tip to the FBI claiming that I was a terrorist, I was banned from America – where my wife lived – for almost five years. Now I’ve beaten the ban and I’m back for good.

In early 2017, my wife was in her New York City apartment and received a call. It was an agent from the Manhattan FBI office informing her that a tip had been received that I, then her fiancé, was a terrorist planning to commit acts of terror in the United States.

As a British citizen hoping at some point to marry my now-wife and permanently move to the United States, it obviously came as a shock and an immediate cause for concern. I had never been given a parking ticket in my life, let alone committed a crime or plotted an act of terror.

In total disbelief, she asked why they had called and not paid a visit to her home, to which the agent responded they were simply too busy and that she should call the New York City offices of the FBI and ask to be redirected to him. She did, and was soon directed to that very same agent. It was a genuine call, and something completely unfathomable very quickly became a seemingly permanent and distressing part of both of our lives.

That night, as I was leaving a television studio in London, I received a call from the same agent. He described the accusations made against me, interviewed me, and thankfully soon concluded that he understood the tip to be a fake and that I need not worry.

It could have been an interesting story to tell our kids one day, but the fact that just days earlier I had been inexplicably denied entry into the United States meant this wasn’t so much interesting as it was devastating.

What followed was a four-and-a-half-year battle to discover who made this mysterious tip, find out why something so obviously untrue was taken so seriously, and overcome this nonsensical ban that stopped me living with the woman who soon became my wife in the country of her birth.

I’ve heard the phrase “Kafkaesque” thrown around a lot, but never more often than I have when describing my situation to friends over the years. No matter what I did, I was consistently blocked from entering the United States on any visa. Not with a visa waiver, not with a tourist visa, and not with a journalist visa during my time working as a journalist. A marriage or fiancé visa was out of the question owing to the complications of the “Pending Administrative Processing” conundrum – that many immigrants know only too well – which was still attached to my earlier visa applications.

For some inexplicable reason, I had been deemed ineligible to enter the United States, and nobody from the Embassy or the State Department was willing to tell me why.

But now, after tens of thousands of dollars spent rectifying the problem, assistance from various Congressional offices, and a lawsuit, I am thrilled to say that I am now in the United States and living with my wife. I am a law-abiding American taxpayer and proud to be one.

After these years of torment, spent mostly thousands of miles away from my wife and with no indication of when we might finally be able to start our lives, I never thought I would be able to say those words. But here I am.

What I learned during those four and a half years was that the malice of Antifa activists truly knows no bounds. This publication has done excellent work covering the violence of Antifa in American cities, but the lengths that these people will go to goes well beyond violence and enters the realm of psycopathic, pernicious, and persistent bullying. If you’re a conservative, and particularly if you are considered an easy target, they will stop at nothing to destroy your life.

The mysterious tip was made at a time when my wife, a performance artist in New York City’s liberal arts scene, was being intensely targeted by Antifa for admitting her support for then-candidate Donald Trump. At the same time, my history in the United Kingdom as a vocal political activist made me fair game to this same crowd of American Antifa activists.

I have written extensively about my past, in books and in articles, and it is no secret that in my youth I was engaged in white nationalist politics. Today, as a largely conservative person, I write about the ways that young men can so easily find themselves wrapped up in dangerous political radicalism, motivated by a sense of anger, disillusionment, and abandonment by politics and the media.

But that activism never entered the realm of criminal activity – let alone terrorism – and as an adult I did not deserve to be punished by an individual or group who chose to break the law and lie to federal agents about who I was.

To this day, I still do not know the full story. A Congressional office that chose to help us in the final years of this battle confirmed to me that, to the best of their knowledge of the matter, my troubles were caused by this false tip. My case even landed on the desk of President Donald Trump in the final days of his presidency, though I understand that his office did not have any involvement in the eventual reversal of this ban.

It still boggles my mind that a person or a group of people could do something so egregious and clearly illegal with zero repercussions – but it is my hope that people unfamiliar with the dishonest, vicious tactics used by Antifa will wise up to the damage that they can truly do.

I never once stepped foot in Trump’s America, but I am now living in Biden’s America. Already, I am witnessing the cost of living skyrocket, and in influx of illegal aliens pouring over the southern border to the tune of millions at this point. It is offensive to immigrants like me who came here to be a part of the American cultural fabric (and not to change it), to pay taxes, and to follow the law.

I am dismayed to see America – a nation that I long considered to be the last bastion for freedom that would perhaps fare better than the United Kingdom into the future – very quickly becoming one of the least desirable places in the world to live.

You’d have to be mad to want to live amongst deranged social justice warriors who dictate everything from what we should put into our bodies to how we should live our lives even in private.

I feel as though I’m mad to still want to be here, but after such a long and hard-fought battle, I am used to being a little bonkers and I’m ready to fight to make things better.

And to whomever filed that tip and caused my family this pain, if you are reading this, I’m sorry you felt compelled to inflict that on us and I hope you find peace.

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