From a working class town in Lancashire, Jack Buckby is an author, political commentator, and counter-extremism activist.

Using his experiences in the far right as a teenager, Jack is working to educate people, politicians and media outlets about the danger of political negligence. He argues that the neglect of working-class towns, ignorance to problems caused by uncontrolled immigration and pandering to political correctness has pushed young white men into the arms of the far right. His upcoming third book, Monster of Their Own Making, will make this case in detail.

In 2020, Jack will be launching a major new initiative countering far-left and far-right extremism.

In previous roles, Jack has reported live from major political riots in France (Gilets Jaunes) and explored how the conservative Law and Justice government of Poland has done more to stamp out anti-Semitism than any previous administration.

Jack writes about Westminster, Brexit, and both American and British politics.


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