How the Far Left, the Media, and Politicians are Creating Far-Right Extremists

Expected April 28th, 2020 – BUY HERE

Recounting his experiences amongst far-right terrorists and extremists, Jack Buckby shows how conservatives and liberals are both wrong about the far right.

As a teenager in a working-class English town, Jack Buckby found himself at the center of the biggest nationalist movement in modern British history. Looking for a political group that championed working people concerned about mass immigration, he stumbled into a world of anti-Semitism, racist paranoia, and extreme-right violence and terrorism. Through those experiences, Jack explains how both the left and the right fundamentally misunderstand what it means to be β€œfar right” and why young men are becoming radicalized across the Western world.

Through a three-pronged attack carried out by the media, negligent politicians, and far-left ideologues, the white working class is being backed into a corner and forced to either be quiet, or get radical.